Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agricultural Development

Seed Quality Control Centre


SN Title Download
Seed Act, 1988 Download
National Seed Policy, 1999 Download
The Seeds Rules, 2013 Download
National Seed Vision, 2013-2025 Download
बीउ विजनको दीर्घकालिन राष्ट्रिय सोचको सारांश Download
बीउ विजन नीति ऐन र नियमावली Download
बीउ विजन प्रमाणिकरण निर्देशिका Download
बीउ व्यवसायी तालीम सामग्री २०६९ Download
Appointment of Crop Inspector, seed sample and analyst directive 2073 Download
Seed Destroy directive-2073 Download
Seed Compensation directive-2073 Download
Seed sampling techniques guidelines- 2073 Download
Notified Seed Varieties NSB 2073 Download
सूचीबाट हटाईएका जातहरु Download