Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agricultural Development

Seed Quality Control Centre


Policies and Strategies

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National Seed Policy, Act & Regulation. Download


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Kalimati Unicode Font Download

National Seed Summit 2015 - Presented Papers

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Policy Rajendra MOAD Download
Research Support for Seed Sector Development in Nepal - NARC Download
India Seed Sector - Overview and Way Forward Download
Global Seed Market Download
Developing Nepal's Seed Sector - Issue and Plan of Actions Download
Problems and Prospects of Seed Industry in Nepal Download
Regional Cooperation in Seed Sector in SA Download
KUBK Presentation Download
SID & Quality Concerned in Nepal Download
Spielman & Kennedy, Regional overview Download

National Seed Summit 2015 - Back ground papers

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Farmer's Rights Download
Agro Policy by Rajendra Download
Research & support in seed production & supply. Download
Seed Enterprise Development in Nepal Download
Seed quality by Mahendra Download
Seed Research Download
Seed Enterprise Development Download
Seed Quality Download

Citizen Charter

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Citizen Charter Download

ISTA Status

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ISTA Accreditation Certificate Download
ISTA Accreditation Letter Download
ISTA Membership Certificate Download
ISTA Accredited Parameters Download

seed Related Directives

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Crop Inspector, Seed Sampler and Seed Analyst

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Seed Balance Sheet 2074/75

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