व्यावसायिक र सिर्जनशील प्रशासनः विकास, समृद्धि र सुशासन

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

Seed Quality Control Centre


Broad objectives:

To assure farmers for the use of quality seeds through implementing quality control mechanism of seed all over the country. ।

Other Objectives:

  • to increase the income of the farmers through production and marketing of quality seeds in national and international market.
  • to replace the imported varieties of foreign countries and promoting the export.
  • to help for making the availability of quality seeds in the market.
  • to formulate directives and guidelines in accordance to the national policy, act and regulations and coordinating with concerned stakeholders for their effective implementation. 
  • to receive/provide consultation to the concerned stakeholders about issues on seed sector.

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