व्यावसायिक र सिर्जनशील प्रशासनः विकास, समृद्धि र सुशासन

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

Seed Quality Control Centre


Nepal is an agrarian country and more than 65% of Nepalese people are engaged in agriculture. As agriculture is a major contributing sector of the national economy, increase in the productivity of agriculture sector through its transformation has become a great challenge. Seed is one of the most critical inputs of agriculture production. Use of quality seed alone can contribute 15-20% more increase in the productivity of crops. So for the quality seed production, seed quality control mechanism is crucial.

Firstly this organization was a section office of Crop Development Directorate under Department of Agriculture and was mainly mandated for formulation of plan and program of seed sector and its development, quality determination, quality assessment of the seed to be distributed to the farmer, seed certification, and overall quality control of seed. During the FY 2001/2002, Nepal government restructured and upgraded this section and established a separate organization as Seed Quality Control Centre (SQCC), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative. 

Use of quality seed of improved variety is vital for increased productivity. Admixture of seeds is one of the major factor responsible for deterioration of quality of improved variety resulting in poor production and productivity. Therefore, quality control of seeds through well managed systems is necessary for the production of quality seeds of improved varieties. For this, public, private and non-governmental sector are making consistent and continuous efforts for the regular supply of quality seeds in required time and quantity to the farmers. 

Hence, Seed Quality Control Centre (SQCC) is mainly mandated for formulation of plans and programs, quality assessment and certification of seeds to be distributed to farmers, determination of seed quality and its regulation and varietal registration in collaboration and coordination with different institutions engaged in seed enterprises. As Nepal is a member of WTO, quality control of seeds in accordance to the international standards has become a great challenge.

After the implementation of federalism, making seed sector policy and programs in harmony with three tiers of government, quality control and regulation of seed sector overall in the country are the recent challenges of seed sector of Nepal.


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